Greetings and welcome to Transmutations: From Fear to Joy. This is a musical, dance, and multidisciplinary artistic project with one goal: to transmute the darkness of our time—and ourselves—into light.

The project has been recorded and we are looking forward to releasing our work to you very soon!

Long ago, human beings had belief systems that did not yet distinguish between science, art, and spirit as we know them today. Before Chemistry, there was Alchemy. Alchemy was one of the first disciplines to examine the connection between the metaphysical and the material world and it is based on the premise that matter, energy, emotions, beliefs, and even the soul could be transmuted into something of higher value. The idea of transforming lead into gold applies to transforming pain into wisdom, suffering into illumination, and fear into joy.

It is in the spirit of alchemical transmutation that we have created this project.

Humanity is at a crucial stage of development and the biggest challenges of our time demand a transformation of the way we relate to everything. We must change the way we relate to one another, to our bodies, to our pain, to our past, to our traditions, to the Earth and to all beings, even to ourselves. Art is the crucible of transmutation; it is the personal process in which a human being integrates their experiences and shares them with the world.